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COLLAGEN contains Fortigel®, Fortibone®, Tendoforte®, and Verisol® collagen peptides to promote vibrant skin and nails while also supporting healthy joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons.◆ Fortigel® promotes joint health.◆ Fortibone® promotes bone health.◆ Tendoforte® promotes healthy ligaments and tendons.◆ Verisol® supports skin and nail health.◆

COLLAGEN is an unflavored blend of collagen peptides to support healthy skin, bones, and joints.◆ This concentrated dietary source of collagen is an excellent choice to support high protein intake with a host of health benefits including:

•Support for healthy skin appearance◆

•Promotes healthy nails◆

•Support for healthy joints◆

•Promotes healthy bones◆

•Support for healthy ligaments and tendons◆

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