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INFLAM EASE is a revolutionary curcumin supplement featuring innovative BioCurc®—a patented ingredient that has been shown in clinical studies to surpass the bioavailability of virtually every other curcumin/turmeric extract product on the market.◆

The trick when it comes to curcumin supplements and turmeric extract is that the biologically active curcuminoids are normally not well-absorbed, resulting in minimal benefit (if any at all). INFLAM EASE is one of the first curcumin supplements to feature the revolutionary BioCurc® ingredient, which has vastly superior pharmacokinetic properties (meaning your body can actually utilize the curcumin).◆

As such, regular use of INFLAM EASE may provide a multitude of benefits, including:

●Support for the immune system◆

●Help with minor joint discomfort◆

●Relieve exercise-induced muscle soreness◆

●Support proper stress management and relaxation◆

●Powerful antioxidant activity◆

●Helps maintain blood sugar in the normal range◆

●Helps maintain blood lipids in the normal range◆

●Assist digestive function◆

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