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NERVE SUPPORT contains two of the most potent ingredients to promote healthy nerve function: PEA and ALA.◆ Together they promote healthy functioning of the body’s endocannabinoid system to support nerve function, stress response, relaxation, and healthy immunity.◆

Clinical studies show that PEA and ALA work synergistically to promote healthy nerve function by supporting a healthy stress response in the body.◆

PEA also has a calming effect on neurological pathways which ultimately influences restful sleep, relaxation, immunity, balanced moods, and quality of life as shown in clinical studies.◆

Research suggests that the ingredients in NERVE SUPPORT may:

•Promote healthy nerve function with the enhanced absorption of PEA as bioavailable Levagen®+◆

•Promote healthy joint function◆

•Promote healthy functioning of the cell-signaling endocannabinoid system◆

•Support healthy stress response◆

•Support restful sleep and relaxation from PEA’s calming effects on neurological pathways◆

•Support healthy immune response due to the synergistic relationship of PEA and ALA◆

•Support balanced moods and neurological health◆

•Promote positive measures of quality of life◆

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